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Bluetooth Neckband Earbuds and Speaker

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Bluetooth Neckband Earbuds and Speaker 29 $38.95

Bluetooth Neckband Earbuds and Speaker

Product Description:

Connected via Bluetooth the neckband has multiple features. You can use the earbuds to listen to your favorite music. With the switch of a button the music will now stream through the built in speakers, this will produce your own personal surround sound. The neckband features built in music control and a mic which makes it easy to answer and make calls. Includes Micro-USB Charging cable and instruction manual. Bluetooth working range is 10 meters(33 feet).


Product ID: 17D-44
Color: Black
Features/Size: 7.5" H X 5" W X 0.5" L
Manufacturer: Leeds
Material: ABS Plastic
Bundle Size: 1=1
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